Somewhere along the way I felt I neede to make my own angelcards, because the ones I was using didn't fit anymore. The energy just wasn't right. So I did it. Here they are.

You can draw a card each day, to see what the most important energy of that day hods for you. Or you can take three, which makes it more clear. You just scroll down and up and down and up, and there is the card for you.

You can also give yourself a whole reading by putting the cards in the form of a heart. It is an old way of laying the cards, and each place has a different meaning. It is the way I make my blogs.

1. (in the middle below) Now

2. (one place up and to the left) The Fear

3. (one more place up and to the left) Letting go

4. (one more up and tothe right) Friendship

5. (two places to the right) Family

6. (one place down and to the right) Mate

7. (one place down and to the left) You

8. (in the middle between 3. and 6.) The gift

Have fun!