The energy of the dolphins

The dolphins are very special to me. Their energy feels very close and sweet and joyful. Maybe that is what attracts me in particular to them, this feeling of joy. Although they flow these very high energies, they want to do it in a spontaneous, playful way, whereas the other healing energies were brought to me in a more serious way. You can touch them; look them in the eyes with your own human eyes. At the same time they give me so much love. They feel so close to me. The dolphins showed me, during this school, what love is and that there is love for me. I had forgotten that.

I have been swimming with dolphins in different places. It began when I was on a trip to Central America, on a boat from Honduras to some islands to the north. The boat was suddenly surrounded by dolphins. I felt so very peaceful. I didnít know anything about the special energies they have, but I did feel it on a very deep level. Only years later did I realize that it was the energy of the dolphins that made me feel like this.

Much later, I went on a special trip to Mexico (Isla Mujeres) to really be with them. Itís a place where they have constructed a basin in the sea, where dolphins are held in - yes - captivity. But it felt so good for me to be with them, and it was so easy to be with them. And they seemed to like it so much, to be with all these people who enjoyed them so much. It was great! Later, I went to other places too, including the open ocean, but that time in Mexico was the most special to me.

The dolphins are helping us bring the new paradigm to earth; they are helping us humans change our DNA so it can live in the Light energies that are coming to us. Otherwise, our bodies couldnít last.


Angels are very important to me too. Their purity attracts me, as I have all these experiences with the dark side of life and of people. Angels are transparent, I can look right through them and there is nothing dark about them. I can trust them.

Right now I am enjoying the energy of angels, as I am following a webinar by Kimberly Maroony. I like their energy very much, as it is undoubtedly pure and full of love. Sometimes I can feel their wings helping to open up obstacles in my aura, other times I feel the hand of my own archangel on my shoulder, comforting me, guiding me. The energy feels soft, warm and bubbly, like the bubbles in Champaign.

You can ask angels for anything and it seems there is a different angel for every question you have. Making your contact with angels stronger, it makes it easier to feel their help, and you learn to know that they are always there for you. It is as if, by your feeling closer to them, they can feel closer to you.

For me angels are all about love.