Angel letter


Do you feel the continuous shifts in the energy? Like one moment you are feeling down, and the next you feel happy and expectant, although in reality nothing has changed? Do you feel the unrest in the world, although you are not a part of it?

I do, so I ask the angels what is happening?

I look up my painting of Mary Magdalene and put it right in front of me. I don?t know why.......

(Reading this concentrate on the energies of Mary Magdalene ? your inner power ? and the angels, for they are here for you)

1. Inner power (In the place of: Now)

New waves of energy are coming towards us, and we can receive them if we want to. It is our own choice, but do know that if you do, it will make you so much more powerful. Maybe you have been feeling a bit down lately, or even for a long time. Now even that is going to change if you let these new waves flow through you. Do it now, so you can feel it clearly. Feel it fill up your heart, feel how it makes you feel stronger. Bigger even. And than feel the softness of it, the love of it, the tenderness. And yes, all of those have to do with your inner power, all of those bundled together are the new power within you, within us beings of light.

I am Mary Magdalene, connecting with you, and I am giving you the feminine divine energy for you to connect with. I am so happy to see you all, looking up and receiving this energy with such joy! I love you all, women and men, doing this for yourself and for the earth. My heart is so full of love and compassion for you all. Thank you! Feel your inner power grow and grow on my flows of love, so your heart becomes as big and full as mine is right now. Just sit back for a moment or two and feel this.

2. On your own two feet (In the place of: The fear)

You probably had a hard time living your life on earth, and not only during this lifetime, but in others too. You all have; all of you who are doing this work of light. It made it hard for you to really connect with Earth, as you expect it to be muddy and dark. The consequence of that is that when you feel good and happy you go up into other dimensions, which are higher and where you feel the energy fits your happiness. Now is the time for you all to pull this new energy of light down onto the earth. That is the thing of the moment, that is what you and Earth need right now. Imagine that you are in a bubble of light, floating just above the surface of the earth. You are looking down to this surface, but it doesn?t look good enough, safe enough to land your bubble. That is probably how you did it until now, in those moments where you felt good. Now we ask you to put your bubble of light on the ground. That way the earth itself can touch the light that you have been connecting with for so long now, but didn?t know how to live on earth. You didn?t know how to manifest your wishes on earth. Now we ask of you to connect your light with the surface of the earth, so that the surface of the earth itself becomes light. Land your bubble of light on Earth. Let the light flow through your feet and put those feet firmly on the ground. Feel the earth around you lighten up with this - your - light. Than let this light flow into the earth, to make it strong and securely grounded. This way nothing you manifest can be taken away from you because there is no darkness anymore between you and Earth. That is the way to manifest your wishes of light on earth.

Of course we are helping you to do just that.

3. Purity (In the place of: Letting go)

You need to let go of all your fears of living your light on earth. All of you probably have lived lives in which your being a being of light made it hard for you. You were prosecuted and probably even killed for it. You probably had your hardships in this lifetime too, living duality as a being of light. Now we are asking you to let go of your fears of living on this earth. How?, we hear you asking. And of course we know that it isn?t easy for you, but that is what we are here for. We angels, and I Mary Magdalene. We are so much closer to you than you can yet imagine. Or maybe you can feel us? The energies on earth are shifting, you can take that from us. It is true, although you might doubt it, watching everything that is still happening in darkness. All the darkness that has been lived on earth is coming to the surface now, because now is the time where it can be healed. For you personally and for everyone on earth. The energies are really shifting now, darkness is dissolving in the light that you have helped to bring in. We invite you to be pure and to not let yourself be caught up in the negative energies of duality. Stay connected in light, and before long you will experience nothing but light. That way you will be of the first to live your light on earth. That is what these new shifts of energy are doing, for you and for everyone on earth.

Receive them. The sooner the better, for you and for us. For Earth itself.

4. Art and beauty (In the place of: Friends)

Mary Magdalene: I am right by your side, so that, even if it is a big step for you to connect your light with the surface of the earth, you will feel safe enough to do it. That way it will hold. That way it will be the end of duality for you. You will be able to trust that your light will remain on earth, although you have probably never experienced it before, living in duality. Trusting me, feeling safe enough to stay connected on earth, will help you not to loose your connection, not to loose what you have been manifesting. I help you to stay firmly connected in your light on Earth. I will fill you with my waves of love and compassion, of feminine divinity. They will make you strong and powerful. You will be safe and happy in the light on Earth. You will be able to connect with the people around you in harmony and love. You will make new friends living the same light you will be living, and living it on earth. Again I ask you to receive my waves of love and compassion, and to feel the power it gives you. I ask you to allow yourself to live this power.

You will be able to move easily and happily in every aspect of your live.

5. Raphael: healing (In the place of: Family)

Raphael: I am here to help you to clear any old feelings or anxieties that are within you about these changes. The changes are happening, I can assure your that, but old angers, frustrations, fears etc. may hold you back from moving forward into the light. Family issues are being cleared now, things you learned from your parents, things your parents have done to you that have left you with remorse towards them and that are still a part of you. Things that have been stuck in your family lines. It is all in the past now, and you have been doing everything necessary to let go of it. All negativity is being cleared now. Feel it, know it, and than you can come with me, with us, and step out of duality. And isn?t it a big step to take! Maybe now you can understand why it took you and us and everyone so long, feeling what a big step even this last part is. Let me take you by the hand; let me heal anything and everything within you that is still in doubt. Give it all to me so that I can take it away from you. It is time, and it is necessary. For you and for all the other beings on earth who want to live the light. Come with me, please?

It is your destiny.

6. Liberation (In the place of: Mate)

Let it all go and set you free. Let all the old grievances go, and take this big step out of everything you know. All you need to do is to let go of all your old feelings, as we said before. We will help you. So Imagine yourself being angry or frustrated or sad. Then feel this cloud of anger (frustration, sadness) around you. Be aware of it as never before. And make the conscious decision to step out of it. Do that with all the old negative feelings that are still inside of you, because we assure you that now is the time, that now you can, where you probably couldn?t before. Now all of us angels are here for you and we can be so much more available for you, now that the energies are so much clearer already. There is a whole army of angels now for every one of you, so connect with us and let us help you. Let us take every layer of negativity from you. Let yourself be healed. Let us help you to set you free. And then, as all these layers dissolve, you are free. Free to step into your new world, your world of light. It is happening for you now.

Can you feel it? Can you feel how all these old stuffy layers are dissolving around you? Can you feel yourself bathing in light?

7. Change (In the place of: You)

The changes are here for you now. I, Mary Magdalene, am taking you to new places where the energy is light. I will bring you in touch with people who are doing the same things you have been doing, changing the energies on earth, helping the earth into light. I want to do it, it is my deepest wish to do it, to help you to change the energies on earth into light. I am so happy to be able to help you, and so happy that you are available for me. Together, you, me, the angels and all other beings of light, are we doing it. We are making the changes. So now, living the change, you can relax. Connect with the new energies that are available for you, the energies of love and compassion, and feel the new softness of those in your heart. Be with it. That is all you need to do now. The rest is already happening. The changes you want for yourself will come, just like that. Just see your opportunities, and grab them. That is all. Can you feel the changes that happen within you now? How your energy is being grounded in the light on earth? You can relax. It is done. Your light is connected with Earth so nothing can come between you and Earth anymore. Nothing can be taken away from you anymore, because your light is connected with Earth.

It is happening.

8. Love (In the place of: The gift)

Our gift to you is love. What more could we give you? It is meant as a confirmation of everything we have been telling you here and it is meant as a gift for your future. Let love be all around you, let love be you. Be open for our love. Feel the power of our unconditional love. Maybe it sounds a bit yucky for you still, but it is true. It is all about love and it is here for you now. It is in the air, it fills the air around you, and there is nothing you need to do but be open for it. Feel its soft touch on your skin and in your heart and know that our love is pure and clear, is open, is unbridled, and doesn?t ask anything in return. That is our gift to you It is all yours. So now there is nothing more for us to say but that we love you all, with all our hearts.

Thank you for everything you have done to help us to shine our light and love on earth.

Mary Magdalene, Angels & co. xxx!


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