Angel circle

About once a month I'm holding an angel circle. It is the same as a lightcircle, but as I'm working with angels.....In this circle we do meditations and activations, tuned in to the angels, dolphins, unicorns and other light beings, for the energy to become higher and lighter. The circles have a different subject each time, sometimes for ourselves and sometimes for the earth. Often both. Subjects have been: transformation, liberation, love.

The meditations take about half an hour.

Before we start this specific meditation we do a cleansing meditation. That way we make it possible to pick up as much of the beautiful light energies of the angel meditation as possible.

After that we do different things each time. Eg a personal healing, a group reading, or something else, again making the most of the light energies that we have made absorbed by then.

You can join us live when you live in or nearby Amsterdam, or you can tune into the circle from your own place. If you understand Dutch I'll send you the meditation through email.

The circles are mostly taking place on Thursday or Friday evenings, in my studio in Amsterdam West. 20 Euro if you jion us live, 11 when you tune in.

You are very welcome, and know that it is always right if you feel you have to be there or if you feel glad to do so. If you want to be kept informed just send me an email: