During the time in which I have been working the spiritual side of my life, I have been searching for initiations. Somehow I knew that they would help me to connect me with the light I needed so badly to get me out of the darkness I was in. With each initiation - and I have done a lot of them by now - I felt an enormous flow of light coming through me, filling my entire energy. Each initiation felt great! I have received initiations from the angels, in different kinds of ways, from the dolphins, and from ascended masters and mastresses. The latest ones were cold 'Celestial Support' and those are the first ones I am allowed to give on. So that is what I am doing!

Celestial support means that all beings of light can come to you through these initiations. It depends on the person who is receiving it, who will come. For Me Mary, Mary Magdalene and Jesus were very profound, as were the Seraphim, the angels that I know have been with me for some time. If you want to have an initiation, your special light beings will come to you.

The initiations I am giving now come in a group of three. The first one brings you light through your whole system. It is the new golden light, the aquarius light. The second one will help you to enlarge your chakras, so they will be able to receive all this light and more. The third one will change your body structure and bone structure. It will be crystallized. It will bring you in line with the new energies, the very high frequencies that are available for us now.

You will know if and when you want an initiation, but of course you can always ask me too. The price of each initiation is 80 euro. It lasts a little over an hour.