Light has always fascinated me. I’ve always wanted to be outside in the sun whenever possible. That longing helped me so much when I lived in darkness because, as dark as my world was, I never stopped searching for the light. Then again, I would never have found the light without the - very tough - experience of darkness. Simply because it wouldn’t have been necessary.

I had years of experience with different kinds of therapies. They were good, but they didn’t get me out of my turmoil and fear. The last therapist told me that it would be good for me to learn more about energies. I didn‘t know anything about that kind of thing, had always rejected it as kind of stupid. But I knew I had to do something.

I took a healing and reading course. It only lasted a year, but I liked it. I had an initiation in Egyptian Healing. It was too much light al at once for me, made me enter the darkness more than ever. But I knew I had to go on, because if I were to stop now, I would be lost in this terrible darkness, this all-consuming fear. Some people say that when you choose a spiritual way of healing, things get worse initially. That was certainly true for me, although I don’t think it has to be so, but my first flow of light was much too strong for me.

I attended a course in aura reading and healing. I learned a lot about energies, giving and receiving light energies, finding the information necessary to get better. I heard and saw this information, coming from my own soul and from the soul of the person I was reading. Just like that. During this school I slowly came out of the darkness and into the light.

I followed courses in how to connect with Light guides, I did lots and lots of meditations (Launa Huffines, Sanaya Roman – zie links), family constellations, Journeys (Brandon Bays). I read a lot of books to experience the connection with my own soul and with angels. I had three more initiations, opening up to the energies of crystals and angels, my own soul and my own mistress.

After finishing the reading school I felt so much better that I started my own practice in reading and healing, helped by the Light guides, angels, souls. I went to a dolphin healing school, connecting with the dolphins and learning how to send their energies to the people who need it and to myself. Dolphin energies are very healing. And so much fun! I had eight initiations from the dolphins.

Working with light has become my passion. I use all the different kinds of light that are to my disposal, dolphins, angels, crystals, light guides, masters, and I love them all.