Angel reading

When you ask me for a reading/healing I will contact your higher self or your soul. Sometimes your Light guides show me things. What I do is make sure that I am tuned into the light, and that no other, darker or even dark energies come between us. I always ask the angels and dolphins for their help, and they are always there. It is important for you and for me to be able to feel safe.

You can come to me for a reading on any matter you want. I donít give you a lot of information of my own. I let your soul and other beings of Light use me as their channel. I trust that they have more wisdom than I and they know about everything.

On the other hand, I have learned so much through my own process that it is easy for me to understand the information that comes through from them - in feelings, in words or pictures. Nothing surprises me. And I donít judge. I know, through my own process, that everything is possible.

I look for reasons and explanations, so that you can understand your own feelings, problems, patterns. This way, I get the answers to the questions that are necessary for your healing process. I look into your present life for causes, but I also get information about previous lives. Lately, I have discovered how important family lines are, so I look into them too. Causes of problems can be found in any one of these. I let myself be led by the Light beings.

The healing energies working through me heal the knots and patterns that have stopped you from doing the things you wanted to do, from the way you wanted to be. From the way you want to live your life.

During a reading all you have to do is relax, give your permission to the dolphins and angels to do their jobs and open up to them. They do the work by changing your energies. In the meantime I give you the information you need about your questions, so you will understand what is going on in your own process. This information helps to locate the blockages and to inform you about your patterns and beliefs. Understanding means letting go.

At the same time you receive a deep healing.

Previous lives can be a big source of information. The things you have experienced in another lifetime can still be of influence in the life you are living now, and it can prevent you from finding the happiness you are searching for. Previous lives can also give you lots of insights into the life you are living now, as most of the time you live the same themes, the same difficulties. We live in a time in which these old pains have to be set free, so that the new frequencies of light on earth can flow through us. We have to be the ones to heal our blockages, because we are the channels through which these energies can flow. As these energies from old lives can be returned to your soul in a reading, it can give you a deep feeling of relief and you can go on with your life, free of those blockages.

Family lines can play a part in your process. Often, you follow the example of your parents in your own behaviour, especially if you have a difficult life. You need an example, so you look to your parents for it. They did the same, so patterns can go on and on for generations. For example, if you were abused by your parents, the chances are that they were abused by theirs. Things like that go from one generation to the next, until someone starts to do something about it. The best thing to do is to go back to the source, so it can be healed there. Only then will it stop influencing your present life.

Parents who have died often come by in a reading. Sometimes they want to give you information that is important for you, but it also happens that they havenít been able to make the step into the Light. I can help them to go to the Light, with the help of the dolphins and angels, of course.

My readings can heal you on every level of your being, allowing you to be you, helping you to be you.

Readings/healings last about an hour and a half and the price is 85 euro. I can also do them by phone if necessary.