If you want me to make a logo for you and your company I will tune in into those energies. As a matter of fact I don't do anything myself, but all the information is being tranferred to me by the light beings who are working with me and you. What I can do is to put this information into images.

Tuning into your energy will make you feel changes in the work/company you want your logo for. Things will come into a flow and all the things that you had to fight for so hard and didn't work even then, will suddenly happen. I know that through experience!

I will make a proposition for your logo which I will show to you. Together we will make it into something you really like.

The price for a logo is 220 euro. If I need more time, because you need more changes then provided for within this price, the costs will be 55 euro an hour. I will let you know when that happens. Until now prices haven't been over 290 euro.