Winne and Painting

Iíve always been a painter. As a child I was painting during class, bored as I was with what the teachers thought they should be teaching me. I drew faces of little girls - dollís faces. Big astounded eyes with long lashes. Watchful, knowing eyes.

I am happy to say my style has changed over the years. After high school I wasnít allowed to go to art school. My parents thought it too dangerous. In those days everything was changing and the art schools were - according to them - a place for hippies and....drugs.

They sent me to a teachersí training school where I learned a lot about drawing, colours and mathematics, about psychology and teaching. Later, old enough to decide for myself, I went to different art schools in different cities and countries. Antwerp, Lier, Vienna. I had my first exhibition in Lier, Belgium, sold a lot of my - then impressionist - paintings.

Once again my style changed. It became free of the things I had learned. I made a labyrinth with other painters and woodworkers. It was all about power. Protesting against the power of man over woman, but also against all power in general. I had become a feminist in effect, of the softer line. With the labyrinth we travelled around Holland having a great time.

I went to a school for graphic design - finished it too! I liked the combination of drawing, painting, letters, structuring. I painted faces of women during that time - sad women of Latin America, which I had visited.

Then came a time in which I couldnít paint at all. I wanted to, but just couldnít. I did a lot of therapies; firstly the current ones, later the spiritual ones. I wasnít doing very well. I got better, and during my aura healing and reading school I met some women who were talking about starting a group making healing art. Through our paintings we would send healing energies, so the people who had them in their homes would connect with those energies. Healing and Light shining through my paintings! It sounded amazing to me, and exactly what I wanted to do.

So I started painting again, for the first time in about ten years. Very different from the ones I had made before. Now I painted dolphins and flowers, using bright colours, flowing with the energies. I was a bit scared of what people would think of it, because I wasnít used to showing my new ideas and new spirituality. The people I knew would probably think me crazy, but what the hell... I had lost a lot of my technique too. My painting has grown a great deal since then. Take a look at them now! ***And feel the light, which is streaming through them.

You can always have a painting made especially for you. In that case you can have your say Ė in consultation of course - every step of the way. About the size, the main colours, the picture and the price.